The more we recycle, the healthier our planet will be. So, beginning on Earth Day 2013, we partnered with I:CO (I:Collect) to create a zero-waste textile initiative for our associates. American Eagle Outfitters associates can recycle their unwanted clothing, shoes and textiles (even those stained or with holes) with I:CO. All items are then redistributed to developing countries or recycled and transformed into new products like reusable bags or insulation. The I:CO recycling program protects our planet by helping to reduce the 22.3 billion pounds of clothing and other textiles that are discarded into landfills each year in the U.S. and strives to keep these items in an everlasting, closed-loop product cycle. In 2014, we rolled out I:CO recycling centers in American Eagle Outfitters stores throughout the U.S. and Canada so that our customers could join our associates in this effort.

“American Eagle Outfitters has a proven dedication to better business practices that promote a cleaner and healthier environment, which is why we are thrilled to be working together. Partners like this bring us one step closer to creating an endless loop of material reprocessing, by getting more consumers excited and involved in a sustainable system that is better for our people and our planet.”

– Stephan Wiegand, CEO, I:CO

We partnered with I:CO to create a zero-waste textile recycling initiative in our offices and stores.