Walk into any of our offices and you’ll see dozens of recycling bins – in our copy rooms, kitchens, caf├ęs and under every associate’s work space. We recycle everything from plastics and glass to paper and cardboard. Our Clean & Green program is an annual event to tackle paper recycling on a huge scale across our corporate and distribution locations. Each year, the Clean and Green team spreads the word to American Eagle Outfitters associates to clean out their desks, even inviting them to bring in personal documents they would like to have securely recycled. In 2013, American Eagle Outfitters associates securely shredded and recycled 14,972 pounds of documents they no longer needed (see more highlights from the initiative on the table above).

Our distribution centers are also doing their part. Since June 2013, they have recycled 7.8 million pounds of cardboard and plastic. See the chart to the right for monthly totals from each facility.

Recycling punds