aeo and sca

The Student Conservation Association (SCA) and AEO have been partners since 2006, united in our shared commitment to help preserve the natural beauty of our planet by engaging students in service to America’s national parks.

We worked with SCA to create the SCA Alternative Spring Break program, which sends hundreds of college students on weeklong expeditions to enjoy nature while removing invasive species, restoring wildlife habitats, planting native trees, and repairing hiking trails. We launched our “AEO + SCA + You” campaign as part of this program to expand our impact and engagement with our customers and associates. Our in-store, online, and social marketing activities spread SCA’s youth conservation movements to millions across the U.S. The success of our partnership with SCA helped us win the 2014 Golden Halo Award, which is North America’s most prestigious honor in the field of cause marketing.

It’s important for us to take care of the earth because in truth, it’s what takes care of us.

-SCA Student Volunteer