Today’s youth face a variety of challenges, and having a caring role model can help kids navigate through life’s tough times. We believe in Big Brothers Big Sisters and have partnered with them since 2005 to positively impact kids’ lives and empower them to realize their potential. Over the years, we’ve supported their work through financial giving, cause-related marketing, volunteering, and our Workplace Mentoring Program.

Associates in our New York and Pittsburgh offices enjoy serving as Big Brothers and Big Sisters. They are matched with middle school and high school students (Littles) and stay matched with them until they graduate. During the school year, they meet regularly to work through anything from resume writing, college preparation, public speaking, and social issues, to finance and budgeting. Some Littles are the first in their family to attend school in the U.S. or go to college, so it’s important that they have someone they can turn to for information beyond their main circle of family and friends. In 2016, our associates mentored 9 Littles in New York and 25 Littles in Pittsburgh.

“I still keep in touch with my Little from three years ago. Being able to spend time with these kids and give them another point of view on how to approach things has been the most rewarding.”

– Lathda Douangchanh-Ho
AEO associate and Big Sister in the AEO Workplace Mentoring Program