Our aerie line is tailored to young women, so we take special steps to address their unique needs in creating a balanced, healthy life.

Since 2010, aerie has partnered with Bright Pink, the only national non-profit that fights breast and ovarian cancer in young women by focusing on early detection and prevention education. Bright Pink equips young women with the knowledge they need to understand cancer symptoms and risk factors so they can catch them and begin treatment before the disease reaches a life-threatening stage.

In October 2013, during Breast Cancer Awareness month, aerie launched the Show Your Support campaign. With this campaign, we supported Bright Pink by launching fundraising and awareness efforts in our stores and corporate campuses. First, in our stores, we unveiled the limited edition aerie Bright Pink “Bridget” Bra, sales of which went directly to Bright Pink programming. For a $5 donation to the organization, customers received a Bright Pink nail polish gift and could choose to round up their purchases, donating directly to Bright Pink. Collectively, these individual in-store initiatives helped to raise more than $250,000. An additional $25,000 was raised and donated to support Rethink Breast Cancer in Canada.

Bright Pink tackles cancer through awareness, so we did the same. In Pittsburgh, home to our main corporate campus, an enthusiastic group of associates set out to raise awareness about the Bright Pink mission through attention-grabbing and vibrant community installations. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, aerie associates began by constructing a two-and-a-half story Bright Pink breast cancer awareness ribbon using aerie bras. It was a colorful sight to see, drawing crowds from around the Pittsburgh community. Our team of associates also took to Pittsburgh’s Hot Metal Bridge for the “Bras Across the Bridge” project, stringing thousands of bras across the bridge for more visual impact on a large scale. At the end of the campaign, the bras were cleaned and donated to local Pittsburgh women’s shelters.

We’re grateful that our work with Bright Pink has been covered by the New York Times, People Magazine, Us Weekly, In Style, People Style Watch and Teen Vogue. The more we can help spread the word about Bright Pink’s early detection and prevention initiatives, the more young women can take their health into their own hands.

“We’re so grateful to continue our long-standing partnership with aerie and reach millions of young women with our life-saving mission. Our hope is that this multifaceted partnership will serve as a call to action for all young women to commit to be breast self-aware.”

– Lindsay Avner, Bright Pink Founder and CEO

“It is a cause that affects the lives of both our associates and customers every day. Our events not only help support Bright Pink directly but they also educate our girls, which is one of the most effective ways to battle breast cancer.”

– Jennifer Foyle, aerie Chief Merchandising Office

We support real young women, not the airbrushed, unrealistic versions of what they’re told they should look like. We launched the aerie REAL campaign for our Spring 2014 line to bring this support to life. Our photographs of the aerie line feature un-retouched models and challenge the outdated ad campaign handbook. We understand that the media impacts young women, influencing how they see themselves, their bodies and their futures. Encouraging a positive self-image is one way aerie supports ongoing wellness. It’s time to feature beautiful images that reflect all realities.

Promoting the health and well-being of young women extends to our global supply chain and the women who help make our products. The HERproject is an innovative health initiative that takes place in apparel factories within our supply chain.

We’ve also recently collaborated with the Better Work program and Business for Social Responsibility to support and fund the first HERproject in factories in Cambodia. The HERproject supports the health of female factory workers through a peer education model that raises awareness, increases health knowledge and provides information on accessible local health services. The HERproject trains peer educators on topics ranging from general reproductive health to the vital role of hygiene and nutrition. We believe that this program has incredible power to provide long-term, sustainable change in the lives of factory workers.

For more information on HERproject, please visit and check out our video.