We celebrate young women of all sizes and are committed to inspiring and empowering ladies to love themselves from the inside and out.

In the U.S. alone, one in eight women will develop breast cancer and 30 million Americans will struggle with an eating disorder at some point in their lives. That’s why our Aerie brand focuses on body positivity and breast cancer awareness—two causes that affect the lives of AEO customers and employees every day. We foster meaningful partnerships, develop campaigns, and engage employees in initiatives that encourage body positivity and promote health and wellness.

Bright Pink
Did you know that breast cancer is the leading cancer diagnosis among women? That’s why Aerie supports Bright Pink, the only national nonprofit organization focused on prevention
and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women. Our partnership aims to spark important conversations among women about the risk of breast and ovarian cancer
and inspire them to take action, while also raising funds to fuel Bright Pink’s life-saving education programs.

Young women today continue to face unrealistic expectations for how they should look and feel about themselves. We know that body positivity is important to our customers and it’s important to us. Since launching #AerieREAL in 2014, we have stopped retouching photographs of our Aerie line, challenging the traditional ad campaign handbook.

We launched the Aerie Share Your Spark campaign to celebrate our 10th anniversary and more than two years of #AerieREAL.The Aerie Share Your Spark campaign encouraged women to share positive thoughts and words of advice on social media to inspire others.

national Eating Disorders Association
Unrealistic, retouched images can contribute to poor self-esteem and play a role in the rising epidemic of eating disorders. In February 2015, as part of our commitment to promoting body positivity, Aerie became the first retailer to partner with National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) to focus on body positivity and help reduce the prevalence of and stigma around eating disorders. We were honored with the first ever NEDA Inspires Seal of Approval for our leadership with #AerieREAL and focus on body positivity in advertising.

Since 2015, Aerie has sponsored 204 NEDA Walks in the U.S. to encourage body positivity and help reduce the stigma around eating disorders. Our associates also get involved by bringing their friends and family to participate in NEDA Walks each year.

“Aerie is about embracing and celebrating the real you; Iskra embodies our mantra of challenging conventional standards through her unique beauty and vibrant personality. We are thrilled to bring her to the forefront of our campaigns.”

– Jennifer Foyle, Aerie Global Brand President

“We are thrilled to have ongoing support from Aerie, and we thank the company for its socially responsible campaigns. Walking into stores that are promoting a healthy body image is a huge step for helping all women develop high self-esteem. Body negativity is so prevalent in our society, but Aerie is taking a stand and making an impressive impact.”

– Claire Mysko, CEO of NEDA

Strong, beautiful, me
In 2016, Aerie launched our Strong, Beautiful, Me campaign to support NEDA in spreading the word about National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. We donated 100% of sales from our Strong, Beautiful, Me limited edition t-shirt to NEDA. We also offered a gift bracelet to customers who made a donation to NEDA at checkout. Our support of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week resulted in media coverage in outlets throughout the country, furthering awareness of the cause nationwide. In response to our continued commitment to body positivity in our messaging and imagery, Aerie was honored with NEDA’s 2016 Corporate Leadership Award.

Improving Women Factory Workers’ Health
We want to promote the health and well-being of the women who make our products in our global supply chain. That’s why we continue working with our factory partners to expand participation in Business for Social Responsibility’s (BSR’s) HERproject, a collaborative initiative that strives to empower low-income women working in global supply chains.

Since collaborating with BSR and Better Work to launch the first HERproject at factories in Cambodia, we are working to expand the initiative to additional factories across our global supply chain. To date, HERproject has been implemented at four factories in Cambodia and six factories in Bangladesh, with efforts underway at two factories in Vietnam. As part of HERproject, we help train peer educators and participate in a Technical Advisory Group that’s focused on developing a nurse training program, as well as a program focused on addressing sexual harassment. With HERproject, we’re not just investing in women, we’re investing in their families and communities around the world.