Letter From Jay

Welcome to American Eagle Outfitters’ (AEO) Better World site, which provides our stakeholders – associates, shareholders and customers – with an overview of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities.

I am a firm believer that profits must co-exist with principles. We, as individuals and as a business, can have direct impact on society by delivering performance that rewards our investors, creates economic opportunity for our associates and allows us to leverage our success to have positive economic and social impact on the communities where we live, work and play. The more we make for our shareholders, the more we can serve our communities. This creates a virtuous cycle of principle-based profitability.

AEO’s commitment to social responsibility is an integral component of the company’s culture. To date, AEO and the American Eagle Outfitters Foundation have contributed millions of dollars to charitable causes, with particular focus on those most relevant to the company, its associates and its customers: the environment, youth empowerment and education, young women’s health and worker rights and equality.

Our customers drive everything that we do. We interact with them in our stores, in focus groups, through letters and emails and extensively on social media. Through these exchanges, they show us what they value most in an ethical and socially conscious brand and help us to focus our efforts. They continue to inspire us with their optimism, enthusiasm and hope for a better future for us all.

We try to do our part by giving them opportunities to make a difference and to show them how we are doing our part. This is just one way to share the work that we’ve been doing both independently and more importantly, together.



Jay Schottenstein
CEO and Executive Chairman of the Board
American Eagle Outfitters, Inc.

I feel honored to be part of a company whose goal is to empower a generation to express their unique voice, to celebrate individuality, and to show how— together— #WeAllCan. We are aligning our initiatives to create a CSR legacy that is important to our customers and associates and relevant to the brands of American Eagle Outfitters.
– Helga Ying,
Vice President of External Engagement
and Social Responsibility,
American Eagle Outfitters